You have a prescription for a breast cancer medication and would like to support the FBM initiative


Step 1. Check the table below TO SEE if the medication on your prescription has an FBM EQUIVALENT


letrozole 2.5 mg tablet, Pk 30

Available brands

  • APO-Letrozole
  • Chem mart Letrozole
  • Femara 2.5 mg
  • Femolet
  • Fera
  • Gynotril
  • Letrozole AN
  • Letrozole Actavis
  • Letrozole FBM
  • Letrozole RBX
  • Letrozole Sandoz
  • Letrozole generichealth
  • Letrozole-DRLA
  • Letrozole-GA
  • Lezole
  • Pharmacor Letrozole 2.5
  • Pharmacy Choice Letrozole
  • Terry White Chemists Letrozole


Anastrozole 1mg tablet, Pk 30

Available brands

  • APO-Anastrozole
  • Anastrol   Anastrozole AN    
  • Anastrozole FBM     
  • Anastrozole GH  
  • Anastrozole RBX   
  • Anastrozole Sandoz  
  • Anastrozole-DRLA  
  • Anastrozole-GA   
  • Anzole  
  • Arianna
  • Arimidex  
  • Azastrole
  • Chem mart Anastrozole    
  • Pharmacor Anastrozole 1  
  • Pharmacy Choice Anastrozole
  • Terry White Chemists Anastrozole

Step 2. Ask your pharmacist to order the FBM brand for you - it may take a day for them to order it in. Tip:  Call ahead of time to ensure they stock it.

Any problems? call the FBM helpline on 1300 656 256 or email

Watch a video of Melanie asking at a FBM supportive pharmacy for the FBM brand

Step 3. When you pick up your prescription check that the box has the FBM cloud logo

The FBM product will cost you the same and meets the same standards of quality, safety and effectiveness as the original brand .