Imagine… a pharmaceutical company that distributes all profits to patient support and medical research in Australia.

For Benefit Medicines (FBM) is the first Australian pharmaceutical company that donates 100% of profits to medical research and patient support in Australia

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All profits generated from the sale of our products will be distributed to the following foundations

Breast Cancer:

BCNA supports over 100,000 Australians affected by breast cancer. BCT supports clinical trials research for the treatment, prevention and cure of breast cancer.


Sexual Health:

  •  Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF)

    Our product in sexual health will be discontinued from September 1, 2019. Despite our best efforts and the support from patients and doctors, we have been unable to generate donations for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. We will continue to look for products in this area to help support BGF. Thanks to all those who supported our aim to make a difference.

Our Goal


For Benefit Medicines (FBM) aims to improve people's lives by operating as an efficient, profit-oriented pharmaceutical company whose sole purpose is to distribute 100 per cent of profits to local patient support and medical research organisations


How we are different

  • FBM is a Social-Enterprise pharmaceutical company which is wholly Australian owned.

  • FBM operates for the benefit of Australian patients

  • The more profit made, the more Australians benefit.

  • FBM gives all profits to patient support and research organisations

  • FBM operates as a company with the usual business targets and profit maximising strategies.

  • The key difference is that all FBM profits are given away to leading not-for-profit organisations, involved in patient support and research rather than investors and overseas shareholders. 

The more profit made, the more Australians benefit.



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