Who are For Benefit Medicines?

For Benefit Medicines (FBM) is an Australian pharmaceutical company that donates 100% of profits to Australian breast cancer and leukaemia patient support and medical research via the FBM Foundation.

The recipients will be :

  • Breast Cancer Network Australia

  • Breast Cancer Trials

  • Leukaemia Foundation

  • Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

  • Cystic Fibrosis Australia


How is FBM different?

In a conventional company all the profits are returned to shareholders. While operating like a conventional company, the goal of FBM is to benefit Australian patients by directing funds to Australian not-for-profit patient support and research organisations. Our constitution restricts any return to shareholders.

How can people who support FBM products be sure that all the profits are distributed and that costs are kept to a minimum to maximise the amount donated?

FBM has a 3 point plan to reassure people that this happens as follows:

  1. FBM is restricted from giving profits to shareholders by its constitution

  2. FBM will be independently audited as required by ACNC.

  3. FBM has a website www.forbenefitmedicines.com.au where all donations are recorded to ensure total transparency.

What medicines will be available from FBM?

FBM will provide a range of off-patent medicines to treat many different conditions.

Your doctor can advise if there is an FBM product suitable for you.


Why is our symbol a cloud?

We believe “every cloud has a silver lining”. By using one of our products you can help others with the same condition. The cloud image is featured on all our packaging and our website.

How do I know which pharmacies stock FBM products?

The best way is to ask at your local pharmacy and let them know that you would like to support FBM. You can phone your local pharmacy prior to your visit to check that they have the FBM product in stock. Every pharmacy can choose to support FBM and if they don’t stock an FBM product they can order it in.  FBM products are available from the major Australian wholesalers (API, Sigma, Symbion and CH2) and most pharmacies get deliveries from their wholesaler daily. Pharmacies that stock FBM products may also have the cloud sticker on their window. If you, or your local pharmacy has trouble accessing an FBM product please phone us on 1300 656 256 or email us at help@fbmedicines.com.au. Please let us know if your pharmacy agrees to stock the product so we can add them to our website.

How can I find out how much has been donated?

You will be able to visit our website at www.forbenefitmedicines.com.au to view the donation pool.

How can I find out if there is an FBM product suitable for me?

Please discuss with your doctor. 

How can I support FBM?

1. Ask your doctor if there is an FBM product suitable for you

2. Ask your pharmacy to stock FBM products

3. Tell everyone about the FBM initiative

4. Tell us what you think, either by email (patient@fbmedicines.com.au), facebook and/or twitter

How can I be sure of the quality of FBM products?

All our products are approved for use in Australia and are required to meet the same regulations applied to the original brand with regard to safety, effectiveness and quality.

What is the For Benefit Concept?

To find out more about the “For Benefit Enterprise” concept visit https://hbr.org/2011/11/the-for-benefit-enterprise