Do you have a prescription and would like to support the FBM initiative?


1. Check if there is an FBM alternative for your current prescription (click here)

2. Ask your pharmacist to order the FBM brand for you - it may take a day for them to order it in. Tip:  Call ahead of time to ensure they stock it.

Any problems? call the FBM helpline on 1300 656 256 or email

3. When you pick up your prescription check that it is the FBM distributed product

At The Doctor

Ask your doctor if an FBM product is suitable for you.


At The Pharmacy


Ask your pharmacist if they have an FBM product in stock. You may need to call your local pharmacy prior to your visit. If they do not have FBM products in stock, ask them to order it in. For your first prescription your pharmacy may take a day or so to get this product in. Pharmacies that stock FBM products may also have the cloud sticker on their window.


Spread the Word

Be sure to tell your friends about the FBM concept, and to visit our website frequently for updates.